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"I believe that if you want to find better ways to learn, you need to change your perspective."

About me

What is the best way to learn? This question is at the core of my work as learning experience design pioneer, teacher and entrepreneur. I believe that if you want to find better ways to learn, you need to change your perspective. Because only when you're able to let go of current assumptions about how we learn, will you be able to actually see how we could and probably should learn.

I am passionate about helping people get the best out of themselves by offering them amazing learning experiences. To attribute to peoples personal development and making their world (and ours) a better place.

"I think every learning experience should be positive, personal and profound."


Over ten years ago I came up with the concept of designing learning experiences. At the time it was a completely new view on how to create better learning. Ever since I've been devoted to further developing and expanding the field of learning experience design. I am also the creator of the Learning Experience Canvas, a tool for designing learning experiences that is used by teachers, trainers, students and designers around the world. Currently I'm working on a book on how to use the Learning Experience Canvas.

"Some concepts of education that are decades and even centuries old still matter today."


Over the past six years I've been teaching learning experience design at Avans university of applied sciences in Breda (the Netherlands). During that period I have trained over a hundred and fifty students to become learning experience designers. I've also taught other subjects including user experience design, game design and new media theory. One lesson that I've noticed is that there's a lot to learn from the past in creating a better future for education. New isn't always better, but is should be.

"Learning is always primarily about people and their goals, not so much about technology."


I am the founder and owner of Shapers, a learning experience design agency based in Utrecht (the Netherlands). At Shapers we design learning experiences for a variety of clients ranging from small businesses to multinationals and from primary education to universities. One of the reasons that our clients come to us, is because we come up with ideas and sollutions that others don't seem to find. Together with our clients we help dyslectic children enjoy reading, make university students better learners and cities more hospitable.


I am available for projects, lecturing and public speaking. Interested? Please contact me, I'd love to hear from you.

Niels Floor
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3526 KS Utrecht
The Netherlands
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